Registrations Call: Animal Encounters: Performance, Animality & Posthumanism

Call for Registrations Animal Encounters: Performance, Animality & Posthumanism TaPRA Theatre Performance and Philosophy Interim Event 2014 One-day international conference event organised by Roehamptpon University and TaPRA Theatre, Performance & Philosophy Group in association with the University of East London (Centre of Performing Arts Development) Date: Saturday 31 May 2014, 9:30am to 7:30pm Venue: Roehampton University, Grove House, Froebel Campus Life is a domain which possesses a wealth of being-open, of which the human world may know nothing at all. Heidegger in Fundamental Concepts The question of human nature in philosophical enquiry confronts the binary opposition of human and animal. From Nietzsches critique of the metaphysical precedence of humans as biological evolutionary models in relation to animals as other to the works of George Bataille, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari among many others, animals and animality profoundly enact posthumanist, non-anthropocentric perspectives while they simultaneously restate humanist conceptions conceived in a human-animal binary. This one-day conference seeks to untangle the philosophical paradox of becoming animal in relation to performance. We ask: how does performance challenge the dimension of human subjectivity in its encounter with animals and animality? Featuring paper presentations, a film screening, performative presentations, and a roundtable discussion, the event aims to explore the philosophically tense and often antagonistic relation placed on animals in relation to performance, performers and the theatre. Pointing a spotlight on broad issues of human-animal relations, interspecies performance has more recently offered a space for greater affinities and relations. This event re-thinks and un-thinks the philosophical paradox of the human animal encounter and confronts the animal in performance in relation to human, posthumanism, and the being-open to possibilities in the future. Conference keynotes include: Lourdes Orozco (Author, Theatre & Animals, University of Leeds); Kira OReilly (Performance Artist). Conference speakers include: Alessandra Abbattista (Roehampton University); Giovanni Aloi (Editor of Antennae); Silvia Battista (Royal Holloway); Aurelia Baumgartner and Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe (Lincoln University);Fay Brauer (University of East London); Gabriella Calchi-Novati (Trinity Collage Dublin); Clair Chinnery (Oxford Brookes University); João Florêncio (Goldsmiths, University of London); Esther Köhring (Universität Würzburg, Germany); Garry Marvin (Roehampton University), Maria OConnor & Mark Jackson (Aut University); Mark Robson (University of Dundee); Mariel Supka (Roehampton University); Lisa Woynarski (CSSD, London University) For the full conference schedule and registrations go to: J.Parker-Starbuck<mailto:J.Parker-Starbuck and/or Eve Katsouraki, University of East London, e.katsouraki<mailto:e.katsouraki and/or Tony Fisher, Central School of Speech & Drama, London University tony.fisher<mailto:tony.fisher Directions to the venue: e.katsouraki<mailto:e.katsouraki Core Convenor Performance Philosophy Co-Convenor TaPRA Philosophy Co-Director Centre for Performance Research Development (CPAD)