Thinking Extinction – Videocast

We are pleased to announce that videos from the November symposium „*Thinking
Extinction*: The Science and Philosophy of Endangered Species and
Extinction“ are now available for viewing on the event’s website .

Recordings include a keynote address by Stuart Pimm, a roundtable
discussion featuring Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson, and presentations

– Deborah Bird Rose (NSW)
– Mick Smith (Queen’s)
– Justina Ray (Wildlife Conservancy Canada)
– Marty Leonard (COSEWIC)
– Tom Nudds (Guelph)
– Josh Schuster (Western)
– H. Peter Steeves (DePaul)
– Ted Toadvine (Oregon)
– Bridget Stutchbury (York)
– Arne Mooers (Simon Fraser)
– Ron Sandler (Northeastern)
– Ben Hale (Colorado)
– Matt Chrulew (Curtin)
– Jeff Bussolini (CUNY)
– Gaby Mastromonaco
– Jackie Litzgus (Laurentian)
– Ursula Heise (UCLA)
– James Maclaurin (Otago)

(originally posted on PHILOS-L)