Web-Konferenz: Neither Man Nor Beast – Patriarchy, Speciesism, and Deconstructing Oppressions

Neither Man Nor Beast: Patriarchy, Speciesism, & Deconstructing Oppressions
February 23, 2014 – Web

You are invited to attend a WEB-based conference on February, 23rd, 2014 to
empower minds, bodies and communities. Moving beyond the typical boundaries
of social justice activism, this conference will be advocating for
intersectional liberation across species and social identities.

By creating a space to discuss critical feminist theories and offering our
unique experiences under patriarchy, we will be re-evaluating how
oppressions relate in our lives and our communities and how best to
integrate this into advocacy for the rights of non-human and human animals
alike. Critiquing the limitations of popular and mainstream animal rights
campaigns currently, and by offering solutions, we hope to advocate for a
more unified and diverse movement.

Ultimately, we wish to develop a more complete understanding of oppression
and justice. Creating allies aware of the intersectionality of oppression
can afford us more opportunities to collaborate in meaningful and mutually
inspiring ways. Our diversity of ideas and experiences offer potential to
build a more comprehensive, sustainable and effective movement against
oppression. We need to strive for creating safer communities and more
responsible allies, in hopes of beginning to truly break down the existing
hierarchical power structures, rather than reinforcing them. This
conference will function as a platform for dialogue, networking and
organization with others in creating a more resilient rights liberation
movement for all.

*Call for Presentations:*

We are accepting abstract submissions for presentation topics on the
following intersecting issues: veganism; women/womyn empowerment; queer
rights; hetero-normative privilege; feminism; trans and gender-queer
rights; racism and perspectives from women of colour; white male supremacy;
patriarchy; ableism; sexism; sizeism; sexualities; gender and cis
privilege; colonialism; indigenous rights; eco-feminism and
environmentalism; anarcha-feminism; animal rights and radical self-care.

This is a conference welcoming academic and non academic presentations
alike. Presenters are encouraged to use webcams, and powerpoint visuals
during their presentation, as well as to engage in Q&A after with

Please submit your abstract proposal with your name, presentation title, a
200-300 word abstract, and location that you currently reside. You are
welcome to include any additional information about yourself and why you
would like to participate. Presentations should be maximum 20 minutes long,
with additional time for Q&A.

Email submissions to animalliberationontario

Deadline for submission is January 31st, 2014

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