Seminar in Austria with Dr. Sophia Yin

It is with great pleasure we announce that Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS is coming to Austria!
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The seminar will be held from the 24th – 28th of May 2013 at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna.

This seminar is in collaboration with the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and the Messerli Research Institute.

This seminar will cover many different topics related to animal welfare, behaviour, cognition, training, handling and learning. Over five days lectures will feature on animal training, classical and operant conditioning, fear and aggression – including case studies, possession aggression, dominance vs. leadership, teaching animals to learn, what science tells us about punishment, body language, human – animal relationship, low-stress handling, socialization, genes and behaviour, dog and wolf behaviour and cognition.

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Student, regular and daily registrations available.

There are also optional tours to the Clever Dog Lab and / or Wolf Science Center.

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