Special Issue on Animal Politics

The latest issue of the journal Historical Social Research contains a special section on Animal Politics – A New Research Agenda in Political Theory, guest-edited by Svenja Ahlhaus and Peter Niesen.

Svenja Ahlhaus & Peter Niesen
What is Animal Politics? Outline of a New Research Agenda.

Bernd Ladwig: Animal Rights – Politicised, but not Humanised. An Interest-Based Critique of Citizenship for Domesticated Animals.

Symposium: Zoopolis – A Political Theory of Animal Rights by Sue Donaldson
and Will Kymlicka
Thomas Saretzki: Taking Animals Seriously. Interpreting and Institutionalizing Human-Animal Relationships in Modern Democracies.
Tine Stein: Human Rights and Animal Rights. Differences Matter.
Sandra Seubert: Politics of Inclusion. Which Conception of Citizenship for Animals?

Johannes Marx & Christine Tiefensee: Of Animals, Robots and Men.
Andreas T. Schmidt: Why Animals have an Interest in Freedom.
Federico Zuolo: Equality among Animals and Religious Slaughter.
Karsten Nowrot: Animals at War. The Status of “Animal Soldiers” under International Humanitarian Law.

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