Special issue of Between the Species in honor of Professor Tom Regan [aun]

> A special issue of Between the Species in honor of Professor Tom Regan has been published. > > Dr. Regan, also known as the “father of animal rights,” is known for his seminal 1983 book, The Case for Animal Rights, in which he argues that nonhuman animals have the fundamental right to respectful treatment, and thus we ought not to view or treat them as commodities, tools, things, or resources. It is here that Dr. Regan puts forth a clear and uncompromising abolitionist approach to animal liberation, and argues compellingly that justice requires not the reformation, but the total dissolution of animal exploiting institutions. As Carolyn Bailey, in her contribution to this issue, puts it, Regan “changed forever the terms of the debate about other animals.” > > Dr. Regan passed away on February 17, 2017, but his words and abolitionist vision will continue to inspire change. He is an inspiration to both the public and professional academics alike, as the “Tom Regan: In Memoriam” issue of Between the Species attests. > > In this issue are articles that explore and clarify key concepts of Regan’s philosophy of animal rights, (i.e., “the rights view”), articles that explore the implications of the rights view, and articles that defend the rights view from various objections. Some articles present unique challenges to Regan’s work, while others describe Regan’s positive influence in both lay and religious communities. This issue celebrates the life and work of a true revolutionary, who has single-handedly made the world a more just and compassionate place for all animals (human and nonhuman). It is our hope that the philosophical discourse surrounding Regan’s groundbreaking work continues far into the future, as his writings offer rich and meaningful lessons for those who are committed to the moral truth about human obligations to other animals. > > Please see the issue and share it widely, in memory of Professor Regan: > > Volume 21, Issue 1 (2018) Tom Regan: In Memoriam > > Articles > > Reflections on Tom Regan and the Animal Rights Movement That Once Was > Gary L. Francione > > „Subjects-of-a-Life,“ Entelechy, and Intrinsic Teleology > Josephine Donovan > > Nozick’s Libertarian Critique of Regan > Josh Milburn > > Harming (Respectfully) Some to Benefit Others: Animal Rights and the Moral Imperative of Trap-Neuter-Release Programs > Cheryl E. Abbate > > Chasing Secretariat’s Consent: The Impossibility of Permissible Animal Sports > James Rocha > > We Are All Noah: Tom Regan’s Olive Branch to Religious Animal Ethics > Matthew C. Halteman > > Demystifying Animal Rights > Mylan Engel Jr. > > Xenotransplantation, Subsistence Hunting and the Pursuit of Health: Lessons for Animal Rights-Based Vegan Advocacy > Nathan M. Nobis > > Animal Rights and Incredulous Stares > Bob Fischer > > Tom Regan: One of Fifty Visionaries Who are Changing the World > Carolyn Bailey > > Evidence of Sexism and Male Privilege in the Animal Liberation/Rights Movement > Lisa Kemmerer > > Book Review > > Review of Nathan Nobis’s Animals & Ethics 101 > Bob Fischer > > digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/bts/vol21/iss1/ >