CfP University of Leiden: Animal Rights and Animal Politics in Asia (aun)

‘Animal Rights and Animal Politics in Asia’
International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS 11)
University of Leiden
Leiden, The Netherlands, 16-19 July 2019

Call for Papers
At the forthcoming International Convention of Asian Scholars there will be an entire day dedicated to Animal Rights and Animal Politics in Asia (ARAPA). We are holding four distinct sessions for participants that will cover didactic (head-based) topics such as philosophy, politics and law, and participatory (heart-based) topics such as activism and mentoring.
Please see below for the Call for Papers. Instructions for submitting are below along with links to the conference and institute websites.
Panel. The philosophy surrounding other animals, and the way in which we categorise various non-human species and our relationship with them is a topic of increasing importance. Particularly because the way in which human animals use other animals is having serious global impacts. For this panel we invite speakers who wish to contribute to an engaging and open discussion on animal rights theory, citizenship theory, threshold theory or any other theory or philosophical framework that will enable a robust discussion about the morality, ethics, rights and interests of non-human animal species. Diverse views are encouraged. Priority will be given to arguments that are well thought through. This is the first session of the ARAPA day at ICAS 2019 so will form the foundation of the other three sessions.
Politics and Law
Round Table.
We are inviting people who work in politics, campaigning and law to discuss strategies that will bring the interests of non-human animals to the political table and keep them there. Typically, the rights and interests of non-humans are relegated to the temporary and fleeting whims of humans. Furthermore, in most countries anti-cruelty laws only protect certain categories of animal (such as companion animals) and not those who are most vulnerable to being hurt and harmed (such as those who are killed for food). The irrational nature of the way in which we treat individual subjects as though they were disposable objects is becoming increasingly untenable. Therefore we are looking for a broad range of speakers to have a robust conversation on contemporary global, legal and political issues regarding the rights and interests of non-human animals and how to best facilitate change on their behalf. This is the second session of the ARAPA day at ICAS 2019 so will contribute important elements to the second half of the day.
Activism helps create political will and gives rise to social change. This workshop will be an open discussion on different kinds of activism and offer demonstrations on what is possible. Why do we need activists? What is its significance in social change? What are hurdles/ problems and benefits/ achievements facing activists and the work they do? Activists who have been engaged in animal rights activism for 5 years or more are invited to submit an abstract outlining how you will share your experiences of what works and what doesn’t work, including (but not limited to) strategies, methods and techniques. This will be a interactive workshop that encourages participation, dialogue and group work. We are looking for activists in the movement who are highly motivated and who will inspire and encourage others to become active. These is a creative and dynamic session so novel ideas are welcome. This is the third session of the ARAPA day at ICAS 2019 and – after two theoretical ones – is the first one to get participants engaged and active.
Panel and Group Work. Mentors are people with significant life experience in animal rights and animal politics. We are inviting mentors who wish to share their acquired knowledge with others in small groups. ICAS participants who have participated in the earlier ARAPA sessions can sign up for a 45-minute session with a mentor, based on their experiences and expertise. Junior activists or those in Asian countries where animal rights and animal politics is in its infancy, can meet with experienced mentors to receive important guidance, advice and support. We envisage this will strengthen action and engagement within the animal rights, politics and liberation movement in Asia. This is the final session of the Animal Rights Animal Politics in Asia day at ICAS 2019. After a good theoretical foundation, plus a workshop on activism, this final session will encourage participants to contribute the best of who they are to help realize the ultimate goal of complete animal liberation.
Instructions for Submission
Please send an abstract of up to 400 words and a bio of up to 250 words. Please include any links to personal or professional web pages (if you have them). Send your submissions to Dr Tamasin Ramsay with “ICAS 2019” and the session you are submitting for in the subject line. Final date for submissions is 1st September 2018 9am AEST*.
We will send you further information will be given upon your acceptance. Meanwhile please visit these official websites of the conference and the institute to find out more.
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*The ICAS deadline is 10th October if you wish to submit an independent paper directly to ICAS. However, to be part of our ‘Animal Rights Animal Politics in Asia’ day, please submit to the above email address before 1st September 2018.